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Daddy Train Comes to Life

by Roy Kirkham

"Daddy Train" mural by David Poole
Artist David Poole recreated the Daddy Train in a mural which is
displayed on the Seaside Museum, 570 Necanicum Drive, Seaside, Oregon.

Once upon a time, many years ago, the only way to get to Seaside Oregon was by boat from Portland to Skipanon (now Warrenton). Following the boat trip there was a long ride by carriage, or wagon, to Seaside. Then a railroad line was constructed and the boats would unload passengers on a pier at Skipanon.  A train would be waiting there to take them to the little resort town.

To escape Portland's summer heat families would make the boat and railroad journey to Seaside and spend their summer in the beautiful little town. Daddy would then make the trip back to Portland, spend the week at his job, returning on weekends to visit the family. Every weekend the families would gather at the railroad station to greet daddy, then see him off on his trip back to Portland. It wasn't long before the train carrying daddy became known as the "Daddy Train".

Times changed and roads to Portland were constructed.  Automobiles could make the trip, the railroad line shut down and the "Daddy Train" was no more. To help the community experience their colorful past the Seaside Museum & Historical Society commissioned the painting of the Daddy Train Mural which is mounted on the front of the Museum.

Grants for the Daddy Train Mural were received from the Northwest Oregon Economic Alliance and from the John and Jane Youell Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. Museum members and friends of the Museum also supported this project with their donations.